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 My day in hl2

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PostSubject: My day in hl2   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:52 am

So, when i woke up this morning i thought that i was going to play some hl2 as it's an awsome game.
It all went well in the start (playing on easy). Then it was time for driving those water riding.. thingys.
I were king of the world, nothing could stop me, i drev, i jumped, i flew past every obstacle without a problem. I were unstoppable, atleast that was what i thought.

Just to make things clear, I have never played hl2 alone so this is my first time.

Then it all happened, I crashed and i could get loose. My ride was stuck in the middle of nowhere. From there i took some pictures of the following story.

As you can see, my ride is pretty much fucked up. So i thought for myself, "Well it cant be to long to solid ground, maybe i can swim through this toxic water to get there". Soon i understood that it wasnt to be..

I was in the middle of nowhere. I knew i had to get out of this toxic water fast!

I manage to get up in one of these pipes with bars blocking so i cant get trough, only 6 hp left from death. A floating health pack wouldnt be to bad right now.

"I think i heard something.. HELLOE?!"

Oh, and i forgot to tell you about the armed chopper in the air that was stalking me, waiting for a clear shot.

I knew that i was doomed, suicide was the only option. First i thought of jumping in to the water but thats not a good way for the great hero Gordon to go down. Blewing myself up with nades sounds better!

As you can see on the number of nades on the pictures, i pretty much failed at suiciding with them as they dropped down in the deep water.

Then i found out that i had 1 grenade thingy left on my pewpew toy and i knew this was it, i cant miss now.

Maybe you thought i was going to fail killing myself with that too, but naah, I'm not that bad.
My last picture is when i took my last breaths looking at the chopper.

I r k1nda pr0 @ hl'two.
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PostSubject: Re: My day in hl2   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:04 am

u just fail, just quit and stick to css
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My day in hl2
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