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 Jabbawockeez Clan Members

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PostSubject: Jabbawockeez Clan Members   Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:08 am

Here are all the Members in Jabbawockeez

«ĴŴĶ» BlackStab - Leader!
«ĴŴĶ» Pingu - Co Leader!
«ĴŴĶ» Skay - Co Leader!

«ĴŴĶ» Stfu - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Timmy - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Snake - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Matty - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Finne Boy - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Spartan - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Scragamuffin - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Jonas - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Sett - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Thazy - Member!
«ĴŴĶ» Simba - Member!

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Jabbawockeez Clan Members
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